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The security department of One World Hotel plays a major role in theft prevention and detection by maintaining a close relationship with the police force. Heading the team is the Security Manager who has vast experience with the police taskforce.

Effective and sufficient features include smoke detectors, fire hose reel, emergency buttons, fire extinguishers, water sprinkles and S.O.S emergency phones are installed and cover the entire hotel. Regular safety checks are carried out to ensure that all safety features are functioning well and without defects. Emergency exits are strategically located for easy access. Directional signs are all clearly spelled out including floor plans.

Closed Circuit Television Surveillance Cameras (CCTVs) are placed around the hotel where behind the scenes images are monitored and recorded every day. A dedicated team of security and safety personnel patrols and monitors the entire hotel, as well as the exterior and parking areas. They are also placed at strategic locations.